VMS Refurb

Recondition, Refurbish & Repair VMS

We have designed a VMS refurbishment kit do give life back to your old Variable Message Signs. We fix your old VMS and give it super powers

Do you have an old Variable Message Sign (VMS) that is not worth repairing, because the technology is old or the lights are all blown. Is it sitting in the yard not earning any income for you? We have the solution for you. Just like reconditioning an engine or a washing machine. we recondition old Variable Message Signs. We give them a new zest for life and install state of the art LED’s. Connect you to a cloud based management software solution and send you on your way with a 5 Year Warranty.

Our team of technicians have developed and patented a recondition kit for most VMS types. we have designed this product line to suit Australian condition. This technology has been patented in Australia for Australian users only and will turn your old VMS into a new graphic quality display board.


We take your old VMS as seen in the image to the left and turn it into a near new sign. With Graphics capability and lots of warranty on what we do. So that you can get at least another 5 years out of this asset.

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