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Solar Video Message Sign

Video Message Board

A Solar Video Message Sign is like as a Variable Message Sign  on Steroids. Meaning it can display a lot more than a normal Variable Message Sign. Providing the ability to show video and images that can attract customers.  The uniqueness of this product is you don’t need AC power. It uses Solar technology. Giving you the ability to put the sign where ever there is sun.  The sun provide the power and you provide the content to draw the customers into your business.

These Video Message signs are unique to Rent Me Australia. This technology has been developed over many years to optimize for the Australian conditions. (Lots of Sun) . Many will try to tell you they have the capabilities to run video using solar power, but none will run as long as our signs. Testing has proven that this video sign will run approx 2 weeks with no sun and infinitely with sun. We are willing to be challenge to give you the ability to improve you customer retention and reduce your marketing spend.


✔  Full Colour✔  Solar Powered
✔  Hi Resolution LED Display✔  Mobile Trailer
✔  Mobile Trailer

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