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Our Approach at Rent me Aust

Our Approach

Our organisation has been built on trust, honesty and fairness. We ensure we provide quality products and services at an affordable price. Affordable meaning you are happy with us because you think you have received a bargain and we are happy with you because we have been rewarded for our hard work.

We figure if we follow the above philosophy we will find happy customers that will come back again and again

Our Story

Every company or business idea starts from a great idea. Our story started some years back. Our now signs were being used to inform the greater public of pending traffic conditions. We thought this was a great way to build relationships and “put our message up in lights”

Meet the Team

It’s the people who make a great organisation and we are blessed with a great group of people who strive to ensure every customer walks out happy.

Newman Emanouel Profile

Newman Emanouel

Founder & CEO

Our Founder and CEO has been in the corporate world moulding and developing great businesses that are customer focused and goal orientated.

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